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Pretty Colors. Pretty Pixels.

Scroll down to see me ramble about design decisions and put pretty colors in Figma.

RoomMe Mobile App Design

Full breakdown of UI/UX decisions including structure, colors, layout. Not all pages could be shown due to company privacy.


Dribbble Writeup

Full in-depth writeup behind the design. Make me dribbble famous!

Figma File

Figma file for comparison. Highlights for company privacy purposes.


Design files for work at Ginia Group. Only landing page could be shown as well as a published demo.


Figma File

Figma file for landing page design. Single page scroll.

Open Pay Landing Page

Mockup SAAS/Fintech Landing Page. Built it around a preexisting design system on Figma community.


Dribbble Writeup

Decision write up and my thought process on designing high-converting landing pages.

Figma File

Color pallette and raw design file for website.